In 2012, after years of experience in international development cooperation, three women asked themselves: “How can we be more effective, how can we give more?” To answer these questions with action and facts, they founded Nove Onlus.

Nine is the symbolic number of universal love, which translates into social responsibility and the desire to do good for and through humanity. It is the realisation of an evolutionary path, the months of pregnancy that are the prelude to a new birth. It symbolises the intent and purpose of conceiving projects of value and bringing them to fruition.

Nove deals with socio-economic, sustainable and generative development. To this end it carries out professional training projects, stimulates and initiates employment opportunities, support for micro-entrepreneurship and basic education. Nove is also committed to humanitarian emergencies and works mainly with women, children and disabled people.

Nove promotes the creation of a solidarity network without borders that pursues respect for human dignity and social justice.

Nove, thanks to its supporters, has grown and consolidated in terms of staff and structure, thus managing to multiply the number of projects and of those who use them.


Nove believes in teamwork,

and works in a network with other associations, creating synergies based on skills and objectives.

Nove manages expenses with the utmost attention and concentrates economic investment in projects, optimising their efficiency.

The pro bono work of the associates allows a significant containment of management costs. The Rome office has no rental costs, the premises used being granted free of charge by the Italian Railway Network (RFI).

Nove operates following the principles of transparency, professionalism and integrity.

Its activities are carried out and monitored by staff selected for specific skills, in collaboration with the associates. The correct use of the funds can be verified through the regular publication of the financial statements.

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