Rome, Italy. Project ongoing.

The project, which began in September 2021, deals with social inclusion through sport and other activities, focusing on 25 minors (including 5 disabled) in conditions of hardship and their families. Held in Rome in collaboration with Sport Senza Frontiere (SSF), it lasts three years.

Starting from free sporting activity, the # Sport4equality project places minors in an integrated path, which includes tutoring and monitoring, prevention and health education, school support, combating educational and digital poverty, support for parenting, training and awareness-raising actions on territory.

Partner: Sport Senza Frontiere, Federazione Italiana Sport Paralimpici e Sperimentali (FISPES).

Sponsor: LG Investimenti, PIC, FiMa Immobiliare SRL.

For more information, please contact the Programme Coordinator.

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