Sergio Silvestris Fund. Afghanistan.

When he was alive, Sergio Silvestris was a dedicated supporter of Nove Onlus. His patronage continues through the fund he allocated to support the association’s activities.

In 2015, the year it was formed in his memory, the Sergio Silvestris Fund gave small direct aid to disabled Afghan children and covered a portion of the administrative expenses of Nove Onlus, thus indirectly reaching all the persons assisted by the association. By 2016-2017 the Fund has grown considerably, thanks to the generous financial support of RA.MO, making the funding of the following Nine Onlus activities in Afghanistan possible:

– Emergency and non-urgent surgical interventions for children with congenital deformities and for physically disabled adults

– Promotion of sport for the disabled through the organization of sporting events and construction and modification of sport facilities for basketball, volleyball and soccer in order to make them accessible to persons with a wide variety of physical disabilities

– Scholarships for disabled students.

– Reduction of architectural barriers (for example building ramps and accessible toilets, thus improving the living conditions of disabled people without the financial means to make these modifications themselves).

– Training socially or physically disadvantaged women and giving them work opportunities.

– Since January 2018, the Fund has strongly focused on the promotion of sport for the disabled and on training and finding work opportunities for disadvantaged women. It worked on strengthening Nove Onlus association through the recruitment of two collaborators expert in the management of economic resources and in the development of projects – projects that are based on principles of ethical work and solidarity of which Ra.Mo Spa and Nove Onlus are promoters.

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