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Nove Onlus has implemented interventions to help migrants fleeing war, deprivation and violence of all kinds, who have newly arrived in Greece.

On the island of Lesvos, Nove Onlus provided a minivan to transport the most vulnerable refugees (women with infants, young children, elderly and sick people) and essential goods (food, water, thermal blankets and medical supplies). Since the flow of refugees has slowed, the minivan has also been used for logistics and the recreational and educational activities of some unaccompanied minors.

Nove Onlus then intervened at Idomeni refugee camp, where thousands of refugees were trapped at the Macedonian border. Among them was Mohammed, a 27-year-old. Shot by a sniper in the streets of Daraa (Syria), he could no longer move his legs. With his young wife and three daughters, he undertook the dangerous trip to Greece in the hope of undergoing an operation that might have averted permanent paralysis. On arrival at Idomeni, he could not find anybody to assist him. Living in a tent in the unsanitary camp, his condition worsened: he had severe pain, contracted an infection, and developed gangrene in one foot.

Nove Onlus provided him with medical treatment, food and medicine, and a house for himself, his wife and their young daughters. With the help of independent volunteers, Nove Onlus continued to provide assistance to the family until Mohammed was included in the International Organization for Migration’s EU and PRAXIS Relocation Programme. The family now live in Athens and are awaiting their relocation to an EU country.

Abdhul-Rahmaan, a 23-year-old pizza chef, arrived in Polykastro with his 18-year-old wife and their two children. His legs were gravely wounded by a bomb on the outskirts of Damascus, and his arm half-severed by shrapnel. Nove Onlus provided him and his family with the essentials required to live with dignity, until April 2017, when he was included in the UNHCR relocation programme and could legally emigrate to Germany with his family.

Operative partner: Norwegian NGO ’Mennesker i arbeid’, Fondazione Dr. Matthias Keller, and independent volunteers
Project closed in November 2016. For more details, contact the project manager, Saverio Serravezza

For more details, contact the project manager Saverio Serravezza

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