Lesvos, Polykastro and Idomeni, Greece. Project closed in 2016.

Nove Onlus has carried out small interventions in Greece to help migrants who have fled from war, deprivation and violence of all kinds.

In 2015, following an assessment mission to the island of Lesvos, Nove bought and donated a minivan to the “Mennesker i arbeidan” association to transport the most vulnerable refugees (women with infants, young children, elderly and sick people), and essential goods (food, water, thermal blankets and medical supplies). Since the flow of refugees has decreased, the minivan has been donated to the “Mennesker i arbeidan” association, which continues to use it for logistics and the recreational and educational activities of unaccompanied minors.

Nove Onlus then intervened in Polykastro and Idomeni, where thousands of refugees were trapped at the Macedonian borders. Among them, Mohammed, a 27-year-old Syrian, who, shot in the back by a sniper, could no longer move his legs; he faced the very dangerous journey from Syria in a wheelchair with his wife and three daughters. Mohammed didn’t know of anyone who could operate on him to avoid permanent paralysis. Living in a tent in the middle of the dirt, his condition worsened: he suffered severe pain, infections, as well as the beginning of gangrene in one foot. Nove Onlus provided him with medical treatment, food and medicine, and a house for himself, his wife and daughters. Nove Onlus continued to assist the family, with the help of independent volunteers, until Mohammed obtained refugee status in Greece, and then moved to Germany in November 2018.

Abdhul-Rahmaan, a 23-year-old pizza chef, both legs wounded by a bomb dropped on the outskirts of Damascus, his arm half-severed by shrapnel, arrived in Polykastro with his 18-year-old wife and their two children. Nove Onlus provided him and his family with the necessary supplies until they were included in the UNHCR re-location program and were able legally to move to Germany.

Operative Partners: Norwegian NGO “Mennesker i arbeid”, “Dr. Matthias Keller Foundation”, independent volunteers.

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