The power of sport.

Kabul and the provinces, Afghanistan, July 2017 – ongoing.

This project aims to facilitate the social integration of disabled men and women through wheelchair basketball and other sports.

Sports raise self-esteem and provide opportunities to build social relationships. To be part of a team gives dignity and the right to play – a right so often denied in a country that has been at war for 40 years, in which disabled people are merely patronizing with pity.

The power of sports financially supports the supply of custom-made competition wheelchairs for both male and female national teams, and the teams’ participation in international tournaments (registration fees, hotels and flights). The goals recently reached by the national teams include: the men’s team’s participation in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games; the women’s historic fifth place at the 2018 Asian Para Games; men’s success, both in 2018 and 2019, at the Hannah Lahoud Tournament, an event organized in by ICRC in Lebanon.

In Afghanistan, there is only one Paralympic indoor arena in Kabul. The project has started building, in collaboration with ICRC, another indoor facility in Herat, as well as the makeover of other facilities, such as the Rehabilitation Centre for Youth’s court in Maymana. The aim is to facilitate the access of disabled persons to sports, particularly women, who are rarely allowed to play outdoors.

The construction of the indoor stadium in Herat which was supposed to begin in March was suspended until the end of August due to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. At the beginning of September, the Afghan Government allowed sport activities to resume.  It is still unclear when the engagement of the wheelchair basketball national teams can begin again.

Partners: Afghan Wheelchair Basketball Federation, International Committee of the Red Cross.

For further information, please contact the Project Manager.

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