Lend a Hand.

Rome, Italy, 2019 – ongoing.

In Italy, according to latest ISTAT report (August 2020), occupation is slightly below 60%. In 2019, poverty reached 6.4% of the families and the relative one 11.4% of the families: numbers bound to rise due to the negative economic conjuncture caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. In this situation, there are no appropriate job opportunities for those who come to Italy, fleeing from countries stricken by war, persecutions and other life-threatening circumstances.

The project combines two former Nove Onlus’ initiatives – ‘Migrants in Training’, supporting asylum seekers, and ‘Lend a Hand to an Italian’, dedicated to vulnerable Italian families and individuals.

‘Lend a Hand’ aims to offer training and job opportunities to vulnerable people of any nationality, who need to achieve or to recover economic independence.

The project started in January 2019 by providing a professional course to train 12 beneficiaries of eight different nationalities (Burkina Faso, Guinea, Italy, Ivory Coast, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria and Perú) as sous-chefs. The course was held by the ‘Il Faro, di Susanna Agnelli’ Foundation. At the end of the training, the beneficiaries were given paid internships, which broaden their employment prospects, allowing them to build on the skills acquired and to test them in a professional environment, as well as to introduce them to potential employers.

In Spring 2020, a new initiative of the ‘Lend a Hand’ project was planned, namely ‘PerCorsi e Mestieri’ – offering 15 needy Italian and foreigners a ‘canteen-attendant course’.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the course did not start. Cognisant that the food industry suffered great losses due to the lockdown, Nove Onlus and its partners are replanning this activity.

Operative partners: 13th and 15th Municipalities of Rome; Caritas; Casa delle Donne; Associazione I Diritti Civili nel 2000 – Salvabebè / Salvamamme; Cooperativa Sociale EtaBeta, Fondazione “Il Faro, di Susanna Agnelli”.

Sponsor: Comitato Iniziative per la Città (PIC).

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