Integration, not just accommodation. Inclusion of afghan refugees into Italian society.

Italy. Project ongoing.

In August 2021, Nove contributed to the evacuation of over 400 civilians from Kabul, mainly women and children, in collaboration with the Operational Command of Vertice Interforze, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Carabinieri of Tuscania and the Trust ‘In Nome della donna ‘.

Nove’s involvement in the coordination tables set up to respond to the emergency and guarantee welcome to Afghans, combined with the great solidarity received from all over Italy, made it possible to plan an intervention that aims to contribute to the social and economic inclusion of 90 refugees Afghans arrived in Italy legally. Specifically, the project:

Identifies the specific needs and skills of refugees;

It develops local support networks functional to the socio-labor insertion of Afghan refugees also through the collaboration of volunteers who mainly carry out a one-to-one mentoring activity, flanking and supporting refugees in the steps necessary for integration and also creating relationships / lasting friendships.

It promotes refugee training and job placement activities by developing ad hoc paths, in partnership with Italian universities and professional institutes, to enhance their skills and respond to their aspirations.

Strengthen the socio-legal assistance services provided by the reception facilities.

It enhances state services by offering supplementary support activities that facilitate the socialization of the most vulnerable beneficiaries and in particular the inclusion of minors in the reference educational communities.

It offers psychological support to the most vulnerable families.


Project duration: 12 months (October 2021 – September 2022).

Partner: RISHILPI International Onlus, Save the Children Italia

Donors: Fondo di Beneficienza Intesa San Paolo, Fondazione KPMG Italia Onlus


For further information, please contact our Programme Coordinator.

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