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Kabul, Afghanistan, 2012 – ongoing.

For years, Nove Onlus has been supporting the House of Flowers, the only Afghan orphanage to have adopted the Montessori teaching method, that hosts orphans who have been victims of war and severe trauma.

The House of Flowers, founded in 2002 by the Medical, Educational and Peace Organization (MEPO) NGO which has run it in collaboration with the Afghan NGO Hewad, has hosted orphans of various ethnicities in a secure and friendly environment over the last 18 years. In one of the most violent countries in the world, the orphanage has been teaching tolerance and peaceful coexistence. The staff – who are trained in accordance with Montessori principles – use the educational curriculum, games and art for therapeutic purposes, to help children to recover their psychological and emotional balance and cope with the challenges of life. This holistic approach has yielded extraordinary results. Many students from the House of Flowers go on to be among the best in their class, with several completing their studies earlier than scheduled. Some former students now attend college or have found proper jobs. But the most important outcomes are the serenity, joy and self-confidence that so many of these children have attained despite their traumatic beginnings.

The continuous price increase, the decrease in donations for Afghanistan and the general critical situation in the Country, have all brought the orphanage to its knees. Nove Onlus has been supporting the House of Flowers since 2012, by contributing to cover food, clothes, medical care, heating, educational material and personnel costs as well as any other of the guests’ needs.

After the Afghan Government imposed the lockdown to all the educational institutions due to Covid-19 pandemic (which is still ongoing), the orphanage was obliged to close, and its funds were further reduced. As a consequence, the House of Flowers won’t be able to re-open after the lockdown.

Following a request by MEPO, Nove Onlus is collaborating in finding a less expensive solution (such as a daycare centre) in order to maintain a tracking of the House of Flowers’ children and to keep the only Afghan example of Montessori education alive. At the same time, it is trying to fundraise in order to re-open the orphanage as soon as possible.

Operative partner: Medical, Educational and Peace Organisation (MEPO).

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