For the voiceless. Rhodes.

Nove Onlus supports the St. Andrew Institute, the only public institution in the South Aegean that hosts severely disabled children (such as those suffering from cerebral palsy and severe somatic malformations).

The children – about 30 boys and girls in total – were abandoned by their families because their diseases were considered shameful, or were entrusted to the care of St. Andrew because their families lacked  the economic means and the ability to properly care for them.

Coloured walls, drawings and toys make the institute into a welcoming and serene ‘home’. For teenagers who grow up there, it is traumatic to be transferred, once they come of age, to the only place that will accept them: a ‘hospice’ for psychiatric patients and dependent adults. Fortunately, some of them have been able to remain at St. Andrew, thanks to the kindness and sensitivity of the attentive staff who, despite their heavy workload, care deeply about all of their charges.

The structural weaknesses of the building housing the institute complicated an already challenging situation. The most pressing need was the renovation of the bedroom floors: the foundation no longer held up, and many of the tiles were broken, posing a safety hazard to the children, who were forced to stay in bed even if otherwise able to move.

Nove Onlus solved the problem. The funds it provided, along with the contribution of Tsampika Diamantis, an architect from Rhodes, who provided her services pro bono, financed the restoration of some rooms. With her assistance, Nove Onlus raised awareness of the problem among the other inhabitants of the island, who covered the remaining costs. Now all of the rooms at St. Andrew have a new, cheerfully painted floor, suitable for the free movement of the children. 

Operative Partner: Institute of St. Andrew Rhodes.
Project closed in June 2016. For more details, contact the project manage Susanna Fioretti

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