Finding Roots and Wings. Digital media workshops for migrant women.

In Italy, migrants who have been granted refugee status or other protected status have little access to job opportunities and remain largely marginalized.

This project aims to teach women, transplanted into a new land and different culture, multimedia techniques that help them to tell their story and facilitate the way of integration. Through workshops and training in multimedia storytelling, migrant women try to rebuild a feeling of home and a new life.

The project offers the following workshops:

1. Digital Marketing. Creation of a storytelling aimed at preparing promotional materials for commercial activities or services offered by migrant women (tailoring, cooking, etc.). Furthermore, the workshop aims to increase the knowledge of digital tools and social media.

2. Digital Storytelling. Creation of an individual storytelling to develop creativity and help women to move away from the stereotype associated with the migrant condition.

3. Training for trainers. Training of women in workshop methodologies to become their future teachers.

The project stems from an international initiative by Alexandra Corazza, a professional photographer, who in recent years has carried out these workshops in Africa, Central America and Asia. “Finding Roots and Wings” is also a not-for-profit company registered in the United States.  

For more details, please contact the project manager, Livia Maurizi.

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