Dedicated to women – Voices and Faces.

Rome, Italy. Project concluded in 2020.


Nove in March 2021 started a shared journey with the Municipio Roma IX EUR which considers culture as a tool for change. “Dedicated to women – Voices and Faces” is the first phase of a new intervention strategy in the social landscape, which revolutionizes the ways of spreading knowledge and ideas, through an interactive network capable of developing cultural projects, especially in decentralized territories. This first phase aimed at increasing awareness of the culture of women from a creative and social point of view, highlighting potential and critical issues on both the national and global level.

Twenty-four open webinars over a month, numerous guests. A series of interactive meetings with figures who have ventured into the field of knowledge through different portals, finding new syntheses. A communication tank that considers art, science, technology and traditional techniques proceeding in unison, building new languages, and new development models to apply and follow, and a new way of communicating. A way of growth based on the sharing of knowledge, an open dialogue between the reference models of the various disciplines and the participants, aimed at opening minds, guiding and creating new propensities and behaviors and fueling confidence in the future.

Seven webinars were prepared for high schools, and hundreds of students and teachers from various institutes in Rome participated with enthusiasm (Liceo Scientifico Cannizzaro, Liceo Scientifico Ettore Majorana, Istituto Tecnico Commerciale Arangio Ruiz, Liceo Classico Vivona, Liceo Enriques, CFP Ernesto Nathan, Istituto Comprensivo Antonio Vivaldi, Istituto Comprensivo Dino Buzzati, Istituto Comprensivo Fiume Giallo, Istituto Comprensivo Domenico Purificato), many of them then conducting a series of experimental projects following the meetings.

The next phase will be “Vitamins for minds“, a project, approved by the Capitoline Council, directed towards studies and work for middle and high schools. Annual training courses that provide for the active participation of students and teachers, the development of activities and workshops and the launch of a series of initiatives that promote culture, updating the potential and needs of the territories. A network of connections and exchanges of knowledge and experiments that favor the inclusion of the most fragile and decentralized realities.

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