Creative Recycle to help a small community.

Salerno, Italy. Project closed in 2016.

Nove Onlus gave its support to the small sustainable tailoring workshop run by Sant’Andrea nell’Annunziatella Association.
In 2013, Nove Onlus, provided the workshop with new equipment and materials. Nove also financed tailoring courses for 20 women in need, including a few who were illiterate. This assistance has allowed its beneficiaries to obtain a small income, to train other women and to provide the community with an affordable tailoring service.

In 2014, Nove Onlus supported the workshop through the purchase of small quantities of handbags made from recycled materials, which have been used to promote its activities.

In 2015 and 2016, Nove Onlus donated new machines and financed an additional course on making the products more commercially competitive.

Operative partner: Associazione Sant’Andrea nell’Annunziatella.

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