Nove Onlus continues its initiatives in Italy and Afghanistan.


At the end of March, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and its economic repercussions, whilst many people were unable to go to work, Nove Onlus initiated an emergency intervention in Italy. Thanks to its sponsors the organization undertook an activity to help destitute families severely affected by the downturn.


Nove Onlus signed an agreement with the Italian Committee of the Red Cross (CRI) (XV Town Hall) in order to buy and distribute food packages for a month donated to 22 destitute families, pre-selected by the CRI. On 2 April, Nove Onlus’ team took part in the preparation and distribution of the food packages. The distributions have been continued on 11 April. On April 10, 91 homeless people living in Cassia/Prima Porta area received food parcels handed out by Nove Onlus and CRI’s volunteers.

Another agreement with CRI (II and III Town Hall) was signed benefiting 70 homeless people and 50 indigent families for whom Nove Onlus contributed to purchase groceries, medicines and other essential goods. On 10 April our organization participated in the preparation and distribution that lasted for several days.

In response to the request of Cooperativa L’Accoglienza (CA), Nove Onlus has been engaged in:

– distributing food parcels on 9 April, to Casa Betania (managed by CA) to 40 families of single mothers with at least one underaged child;

– providing financial means to buy groceries.

Nove Onlus gave financial and operational support to the Santa Severa Committee – Santa Marinella of the CRI.

Our organization provided 20 homeless people and 120 needy families (from the Municipality of Ladispoli area) with foodstuffs. On 24 April a volunteer of Nove Onlus took part in the distribution held at Focal Point. The Municipality of Ladispoli granted the place to the CRI for the purpose of the distribution.



Nove Onlus, in collaboration with Coldiretti Salerno (Coldiretti is the biggest agriculture organisation in Italy), set up a purchase-distribution chain. In other words, Nove Onlus bought food products from small local producers affected by Codiv-19 pandemic as well as by the economic situation, and distributed them to 60 families in dire straits.

On 3 April, Nove Onlus’ volunteers took part in this first distribution together with Opera Caritas, benefiting 60 families.

On 11 April, the second distribution took place. The beneficiaries were the same families; some chocolate Eastern eggs, however, were added to the food parcels. The Easter eggs, which were donated to Nove Onlus, have also been given to some homeless people temporarily hosted by the Municipality of Salerno. Nove Onlus foresees a third distribution of food packages.

Our organization donated 6.600 single-portion food tubs to Saint Francis’ soup kitchen, which offers 400 meals a day.

In Roccapiemonte (Salerno), Nove Onlus joined hands with the social cooperative Esperanto, which farms lands confiscated from the Mafia along the coast of Caserta, which is a troubled area.

Together with Esperanto, Nove Onlus bought essential goods and distributed them to 50 families, in collaboration with Caritas Roccapiemonte.  On 3 April, our volunteers delivered the goods. On 11 April, some Easter eggs were distributed as well. Another distribution will take place soon.


In Afghanistan the poverty rate is very high (55%); the country has no social safety net or structured welfare system. The lockdown in Kabul equates with sheer hunger for so many people whose only subsistence is from a meagre daily income.

Nove Onlus responded to the plea by the Department of Women’s Affairs (DoWA), Shura (a consultative religious group) and many families living in the poorest districts of the capital city. The organization launched an emergency intervention which included: 

  • 190 needy families (1140 people in total) receiving food packages containing 70 kg of basic foodstuffs and protection/hygiene kits (i.e. face masks, gloves and sanitizers);
  • 125 families with at least one physically disabled member (750 people in total) receiving protection/hygiene kits and an ‘emergency voucher’ to purchase food and essential goods. The families have been pre-selected by the International Committee of the Red Cross in Afghanistan (ICRC);
  • All beneficiaries have been briefed by a qualified physician on how to protect themselves from the virus, including basic hygiene norms. The physician has been selected by Nove Onlus’ team in Kabul.

The implementation of these activities has been possible thanks to the support of: Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation, LG Investimenti. MF Law, Associazione PIC, and other generous donors.

Nove Onlus will continue to share updates on this initiative.

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