A nursery for the children of working women in need, Italy.

The cooperative L’Accoglienza Onlus has managed the Roman day-care centre Nido d’Ape (the Beehive) for more than 10 years. The centre provides care for the young children of socially vulnerable young women, looking after babies and toddlers up to the age of three. The centre and its specialised staff offer these children the possibility of early socialisation and foster an environment that values cultural diversity.

The advantages provided by this initiative are twofold: it allows the children’s mothers to maintain full-time employment and helps them improve their parenting skills, reducing the risk of child abandonment. Between 2012 and 2013, financial difficulties compelled Nido d’Ape to turn to Nove Onlus for support. We covered 13 per cent  of the centre’s annual budget.

Operative Partner: The cooperative L’Accoglienza Onlus

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