However as Covid-19 raced through Afghanistan Najibullah Seddiqi knew he had to help.

Seven years ago, Najibullah Seddiqi closed his oxygen factory in Kabul. He felt frustrated with the many power cuts and with the difficulty of acquiring contracts with local hospitals.

However as Covid-19 raced through Afghanistan he knew he had to help. “I saw a man crying for his wife who died from coronavirus due to lack of oxygen,” Najibullah said. “That moment I made the decision to reopen my factory.”

Now family members of those ailing with Covid-19 line up at his factory for free refills that can keep their loved ones alive.

Since the pandemic Afghanistan has been struggling with shortages of medical oxygen. The country gets its oxygen cylinders from abroad. Until recently, imports were stopped due to closed borders. Prices for new canisters have skyrocketed 10-fold, so Najibullah’s free service represents a godsend to the many poor people hit by the virus.

“My only aim is to save as many lives as I can,” he said. “When the virus’ spread ends, then I’ll go home.”

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