Alberto Cairo is the head of  the ICRC’s orthopedic program in Afghanistan. In a country were vulnerable people are given neither rights nor opportunities, the rehabilitation centers managed by Cairo put the disabled at the center and give them back a sense of dignity through education, job- placement, microfinance programs and sport at competitive level. ‘Positive discrimination’ is the philosophy of Cairo, who spent the last 26 years in Afghanistan, taking care of over  150.000 disable people, a third of them victims of  landmine.
Cairo received many acknowledgements. In 2010 was nominated for the Nobel Prize. In 2013 he was awarded the Henry Dunant Medal, the highest award of the Red Cross Movement and Red Crescent.
His diaries “Storie da Kabul”  and  “Mosaico afghano” have been published by Einaudi.


Law degree at University of Turin
Physiotherapist diploma in Lecco

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