Alessandro Bellantoni is a taxi driver: he has been supporting people in need during the Covid-19 emergency.

Alessandro Bellantoni is a taxi driver. He is one of the silent heroes of the Covid-19 emergency in Italy.

Alongside his union, he has been supporting people in need, making himself and his taxi available for families with disabled children.

At the end of April, in the middle of lockdown, he left Rome with his taxi toward Vibo Valentia, in the southern region of Calabria, to pick up a young girl who suffered from cancer and didn’t know how to reach the capital for a follow-up visit.

Alessandro took her and her mother to the Bambino Gesù hospital in Rome, without asking for anything in return. 1300 kilometres of love and generosity.

A gesture so noble and precious during such a difficult time for many people in Italy, that the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella decided to reward Alessandro by naming him Knight of the Order of Merit of the Republic.

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