Since 2012 we have been working in Afghanistan running development projects and humanitarian assistance for and with women, children, and persons with disabilities.

Currently the country is hit by a humanitarian catastrophe of devastating proportion.

NOVE intends to remain in Kabul, but we need your help to carry on with our interventions.


Click here to participate in our fundraising activities both in Italy and Afghanistan.


To offer professional vocational training or job opportunities to afghan refugees in Italy send an email to:

To provide hospitality to afghan refugees in Italy write to You will be receiving information on main aspects concerning the reception of Afghan refugees.


Become Nove Onlus’ volunteer by writing to You’ll be included in our list of volunteers and contacted when your help is needed. Please specify your city of residence and your skills and what you can do to help.


Support our “Red handkerchief” social campaign that aims at creating a global social movement in support of Afghan women. Take a selfie with a red handkerchief and post the pic on social media with the hashtag #saveafghanwomen. Spread the word!


We regret to inform you that Nove Onlus cannot process any further evacuation requests. If you are related to Italy (i.e., worked for Italian institutions, studied in Italy, or have relatives in Italy) and want to be evacuation, please send an email to If you are not related to Italy, please send an email to


To protect the people we work with, we cannot provide more details on our activities, and we are forced to temporarily block access to some areas of our website. To acquire more information, please contact us at

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