Migrants in training. Rome.

In Italy, migrants who have been granted refugee status or other protected status have little access to job opportunities and remain largely marginalized.

These people find it difficult to become an active part of society and contribute to the Italian economy. Thus, they run the risk of remaining ‘outsiders’, being compelled to turn to illegal activities, and being viewed by the local population with a mistrust that can manifest as intolerance or even violence.

Data collected in 2015 by Unioncamere and the Ministry of Labour indicate that, in the province of Rome, commercial companies reserve 12 per cent of jobs for immigrant workers (an increase over the previous year). In Rome, tangible growth in terms of hiring trends is expected in relation to both the national average and that of the region of Lazio.

This pilot project, based on the principles of human solidarity and social cohesion, provides legal migrants with the tools for an effective integration into Italian society. It is the first step in an initiative that Nove Onlus plans to extend in order to provide training and employment opportunities to a growing number of migrants.

Project activities for the first year include professional training and job placement for 30 migrants, as follows:

  • The European Computer Driving Licence course
  • Practical on-the-job training (waged internships) in local companies
  • Career counselling

These interventions are identified and carried out in collaboration with institutions and associations that are familiar with the local landscape. The project also collaborates with companies, associations, professionals and other people with specific skills who are willing to provide free services such as legal assistance or employment advice.

The pilot project started in October 2016. In March 2016, Nove Onlus added a new component, ‘Migrant pastry-chefs’, a pastry workshop for 10 migrants with psychological vulnerabilities and eating disorders.

Operative partners: SGB Humangest Holding, SPRAR (The Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees) Aspromonte, SPRAR Gerini, Cooperativa Eta Beta, local companies.

For more details, please contact the project manager, Alessandro Lanzetta

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