I am a woman and I want to work. Kabul

In Afghanistan, women still face strong discrimination, they are subjected to males’ decisions and are often the victims of violence. 68% of the Afghan female population is illiterate and less than 16% is part of the workforce. For the vast majority of young girls, their only future prospect consists of a marriage arranged by their families and a life spent at home. 

Professional training improves the economic and social status of Afghan women, but training opportunities for women remain very scarce. For this reason, in 2014, Nove Onlus and its Afghan partner PADA started a 12-month pilot project in Kabul, offering 420 socially disadvantaged women free professional training courses and an employment advisory service.

We received twice as many applicants as the number of available seats. This pushed Nove Onlus to continue these activities and increase the number of beneficiaries. The new three-year project, launched in March 2016, offers more than 1,400 seats and is accessible to women in wheelchairs. 

The courses, selected according to the demands of the Afghan market, cover English, computer skills, and professional cooking, as well as a more innovative subject: driving.

In addition, Nove Onlus provides scholarships in information and communication technologies (ICT) at a recognized institute, for the best performing computer class’ students.

The employment advisory service, implemented in collaboration with Promote: Women in the Economy (a programme financed by USAID), helps graduates find jobs or launch their own businesses. It also provides technical assistance and tools to help establish an innovative start-up: Afghanistan’s first female taxi service. 

The project, inspired by a successful initiative by the Italian Development Cooperation, is in line with the priorities of the Afghan Government and collaborates with relevant institutions, such as the MoLSAMD (Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled) and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs. To better integrate the activities and reduce the risks associated with initiatives focused on women, it actively involves women’s families, community representatives, and local authorities.

Operative partners: PADA (Programming Agency for Development of Afghanistan), Promote: Women in the Economy, Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled, Ministry of Women’s Affairs.
Sponsors: Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation, LG Investimenti.
For more details, contact the project manager Susanna Fioretti

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