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Lend a hand to an Italian. Rome.

Mario loved studying, but had to stop in order to earn a living. Giulia had only a few months left to live and wanted to spend them peacefully, but her pension did not cover the basic cost of living. Remo and Floriana, honest and hardworking people, were forced to ask for a loan while waiting for a tax reimbursement.
This initiative of Nove Onlus lends a hand to Italians combating poverty, among which are the ‘new poor’: people and families affected by unemployment or a loss of purchasing power of wages and pensions, who are trying to stay afloat without losing their dignity.

Anyone who wants to contribute can do so anonymously, through Nove Onlus, or by adopting the innovative formula proposed by the project: you can get in contact directly with the person you choose in order to help build a relationship of solidarity that goes beyond the impersonal benefactor–beneficiary scheme.

The project includes both assistance interventions and support that together help beneficiaries overcome critical situations and assist them with remedying emergencies, thereby contributing to social inclusion and the achievement of economic autonomy. 

In March 2016, we commenced activities in Rome. Within the first year, the project carried out interventions such as the rehabilitation of insalubrious housing, the payment of utilities and rental fees, courses that helped beneficiaries gain employment, and the provision of a vehicle for work purposes. In 2017, the project focused on offering training courses and health interventions. ‘Lend a hand to an Italian’ runs in collaboration with institutions and associations that are deeply embedded in the landscape. Nove Onlus intends to gradually extend these activities across other Italian towns and regions.

Operative partners: Rome’s Thirteenth Municipality; Rome’s Fifteenth Municipality; Caritas (Church of Saint Romanus the Martyr, Rome’); SGB Humangest Holding; Community of Sant’Egidio; Ronda della solidarietà Roma Onlus.

For more details, please contact the project manager, Alessandro Lanzetta

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